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Florida Deluxe is a company with many facets. We are able to offer many other services, available as one-offs or on a regular basis, and as with everything we offer, you decide and we provide. Please click on the appropriate link(s) in the list below to find out more about each particular service.

If there is something you need that we have not listed, don’t be afraid to ask; we have many talents and contacts.

Please email us at any time at otherservices@floridadeluxe.com with your requirements so we can work together to find a solution.

All our services can also be arranged by calling 407-279-9962 during normal business hours.
  • Guest Arrival Packs

    We can make up guest arrival packs to suit. These usually contain items such as milk, orange juice, eggs, cereal, bread or rolls, butter or spread, teabags, coffee, sugar or sweeteners, creamer, and the like. However, virtually anything can be included, if available on the local market. The cost for this service is the total cost of the items plus a $35 dedicated shopping and delivery fee.

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  • Mailbox Clearing and Forwarding Service

    As part of the management/caretaking fee, mailboxes are cleared. No mail is forwarded though; it is merely held until the owner next visits. However, Florida Deluxe also offers a forwarding service, available to anywhere in the world, using USPS.

    The frequency of this service can be weekly-based or number-of-items based. Items will only be forwarded to the mailing address held on file by Florida Deluxe, unless specific alternative instructions are given. The cost of this service is the actual forwarding postage cost for the items, plus a $20 mail collation and post office despatch fee.

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  • Painting

    We carry out interior, exterior, and pool deck painting, at very competitive prices. Examples of our work are available upon email request.

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  • Carpet Cleaning

    Nothing spruces a rental property better than well-cleaned carpets. Regular cleaning can also extend the life of your carpets by years, even in a rental property. Trapped dirt, soil, and sand, act as abrasives that damage the carpet fibres and the carpet backing, as they get progressively ground-in by the pressure of guests continually treading on them.

    Dirty-looking carpets also send out the wrong message to your guests, as soon as they step through your property’s front door. Regular cleaning extracts that dirt, and depending on the age of your carpets, can restore the look of them to a near new condition. Even old carpets can be given a new lease of life through careful cleaning.

    We thoroughly clean the entire exposed carpet surface and our charge includes moving small items of furniture, such as coffee tables and dining chairs. We can carry out this cleaning for only $30 per room, plus shampoo, for rooms up to 250 sq ft in area. Rooms with a larger square footage may attract a small surcharge, but we would advise on this at the time of booking. If cleaning under large pieces of furniture is also required, we may need to visit the property beforehand to carry out an assessment.

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  • Refresh-a-room

    Got rooms that have been knocked and patched? Maybe the patch painting doesn't match properly? Or maybe the wrong paint type was used as touch-up?

  • No problem! We can carry out what we call 'refresh-a-room' which does exactly that. We re-paint that room with one decent coat of the original colour, thoroughly clean the carpets and all the furnishings in it. The end result is a room that looks like new, all for a very reasonable price. Examples and quotes for this type of our work are available upon email request.

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  • Wallpapering

    We are experienced wallpaper professionals. We can work with all types of wallpaper, regardless as to whether they are pre-pasted or not. Examples of our work are available upon email request.

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  • Tiling

    We can lay tiles on floors or walls, inside or out. We always get great results, no matter the tile size or type. Examples of our work are available upon email request.

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  • Interior Decor Ideas Service

    Would you like to update your home's interior but are unsure where to start? Florida Deluxe has its own interior decorator, who has a fantastic eye for colours, themes and details. And once your interior decor ideas are ready to be translated into reality, we would be very happy to be invited to carry out the work. As with all our services, we will offer a very competitive price.

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  • Pressure Washing

    We will pressure wash anything you wish. We regularly pressure wash pool decks, pool furniture, pool cages, drives, paths, walls, garage doors, and so on. If you have anything that needs sprucing up by way of a thorough wash, then just email the details to us and we will work out what is required.

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  • Garage Door Insulation

    Insulating your garage door is a relatively inexpensive but very effective way of reducing your electricity bill. If your garage door is exposed to direct sunlight for as little as 2 hours, you can make considerable savings by insulating it.

    An uninsulated door acts as a huge radiator when the sun is on it and rapidly heats the air in the garage to easily over 100°F. Once heated, that air then heats all rooms adjacent to it, but most noticeably those rooms directly above. It’s like having a furnace inside your home that places extra strain on your air-conditioning, which in turn is reflected in higher electricity bills.

    The solution is to insulate the door. The results are so outstanding it is difficult to overstate the temperature reduction that the insulation has on the garage's internal temperature. For garages used as games rooms it offers a superb improvement in comfort for your guests.

    A standard 16’ x 8’ double garage door costs approximately $150 for the insulation and $200 for the labor.

    Once completed, the insulation and its effects will last for many years and you will see immediate benefits. Depending on how high the internal temperature of the garage reaches, it is easily feasible to see the total costs of the insulation recouped within as little as 6 months.

    To arrange this service or to get a quote for doors of different dimensions to the size stated above, please send us your garage door details.

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  • Home Inventory Preparation

    We can prepare full inventories of your property’s articles. They can be a full inventory of your entire property, or just the valuable and attractive items. No item prices are included, as these can vary so much between retailers. Inventories are broken down into contents by room, making checking straightforward.

    Inventory preparation is charged at $25 per hour or part thereof and presented as laminated loose leafs, inside a standard file cover. Copies of sample inventories can be provided upon email request.

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  • Website Building/Assistance

    Need a website? Need help with your current website? No worries, we can assist! Our webmaster is very skilled and experienced in website design and building. Just email your website requirements to us so we can calculate the most cost-effective solution.

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  • Dry Cleaning

    We are more than happy to arrange collection and delivery of all your items requiring dry cleaning. In most cases it is a 48-hour turnaround service, although same-day cleaning may be available, depending on the article(s) and the collection time. Let us know what you need cleaning so we can give you a prompt and realistic collection and delivery timeline.

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  • Irrigation Check and adjustments

    Nothing will send your water bill soaring faster than a leaking or poorly adjusted irrigation system. We can perform a comprehensive check that runs all the irrigation stations in turn. During the check we mark any heads that are not giving optimum coverage. We then either adjust the misaligned heads or replace them if required.

    The cost of the check varies, depending upon how many stations make up your irrigation system. To arrange this check, as a one-off or as a recurring event, please email us your system details.

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  • Package Storage

    As part of the management fee, if you have packages delivered to your property, we will place them in to your owners’ closet, if access is available to us. If your space is unavailable or insufficient and you wish us to store your packages, we will do so, subject to available space. There is a storage charge of $2 per week, for up to 9 cubic feet, until your next visit. Additional cubic feet will be charged at $1 per week.

    If you have packages that you require storing, please let us know the details by email so we can advise on the availability of storage space and any other factors that may be relevant. Please do not arrange any package deliveries which will require our space, until we have confirmed that space is available.

    Please also note that due to time constraints we cannot promise to visit a property on the day of delivery, unless that is also the weekly visit day, although we will endeavour to collect the packages from your property on the day of delivery, if feasible. Additionally, even if we are present when packages are delivered, we do not sign for them. Sending packages to your own address is carried out completely at the property owner’s risk.

    We do not accept any third-party packages sent to our company mailing address. Without exception, all such packages are returned to the sender.

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  • Seasonal Decorations

    Want to join in with your neighbours and add seasonal decorations to your property? No problem. We can decorate your property using your decs or ours.

    Please email us the details of the kinds of decorations you would like us to put up and we will give you a prompt and competitive no-obligation quote.

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